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My son is 76 and was diagnosed with permanent brain damage with aspergers like symptom 9yrs ago. I applied for SSA but he was declined of services because he was fully functional and can do manual labor. Its upsetting to me that SSA does not take into account their mental challenges and I don 8767 t know if I should appeal it or not. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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The thing I find most difficult is that he constantly blames me for his low mood, is often very grumpy and quite unpleasant to me. It feels as though if there is a negative interpretation to take on what I do and say then he will take it. We rarely socialise as a couple and when we are with family he will often withdraw. Trying to maintain my own equilibrium and essentially positive outlook on life is incredibly hard but it feels like I not only have to manage my own emotional regulation but his as well.

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On the other hand, if you do have Asperger's then you have to respect how it can make socializing harder for you. If you don't you may put unrealistic expectations on yourself and get discouraged when you don't meet them. There's nothing wrong with knowing your limits and working within them. It's the same as how an overweight person and a thin person may approach taking up jogging in different ways. They may both have the potential to become pretty fit after a few years, but they'll take different paths to get there.


Our marriage of 66 years has been an extreme struggle, full of many frustrations and difficulties. Our 8 children love him, but they have lost much respect for him due to the constant fickleness, lack of integrity and following through with things he may tell/promise them, and they have experienced many hypocritical situations with him.

I took an asperger 8767 s quiz and answered as I thought my husband would answer and I scored 8775 most likely has aspergers. 8776 I screwed up the courage to ask him to take the quiz. He wasn 8767 t offended as I thought he might be, but after he took it he said he score in the 8775 doesn 8767 t have asperger 8767 s 8776 range.

My friend 8767 s recent diagnosis turned my attention to Asperger 8767 s as a not-so-far-fetched possibility (going to look into general HFA as well). I don 8767 t want to jump to any conclusions of course, and I do plan to eventually try to smooth out all my problems with a professional but it has also been difficult for me to start effective therapy and I need to try and work out some of these things on my own in the meantime.

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Deciding to obtain a professional diagnosis is totally a personal decision that only you can make. Your fiancee is correct in that a diagnosis does not change who you are, but it can often help in knowing what skills you may want to focus on to assist you in relating to others and living a more stress-reduced life.

I also agree. We do often learn 8766 coping 8767 strategies and mechanisms as we grow older. I find too that even with these ways of coping sometimes certain situations still cause me stress, which I am sure others experience too to some degree. рџ™‚

Both types of boarding school can prepare children for interacting with people and situations in the larger world. Parents generally pick between traditional or therapeutic boarding schools based on the school program and their child's specific needs.

I 8767 ve read many of the comments here and you have no idea how much I can relate to EACH one of you! Finally, I don 8767 t feel like I 8767 m alone in this world. I am about to turn 95 years old. I wish my family had had this information when I was young. It would have been so helpful for me as a child, teen, and young adult.

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