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The most important lie you can tell on Plenty Of Fish is your height, because it 8767 s a sortable search category. Unless you are between 6 8767 7 and 6 8767 5, you must lie about your height. Here is my suggested concordance between actual height and POF stated height:

Plenty of fosh

In short, PoF strives to provide all (or at least most) of the features you'd find on pay sites, without the price tag.

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“Martyn said the moment he saw me he knew I was the girl for him. For our first date he took me to a chinese restaurant and afterwards we shared our first kiss outside the restaurant. Since then we've been on many dates.”

POF claims 85 million registered users worldwide with about 755,555 logged in at any given time.

Plentyoffish Estimates of the number of users active on there (not just registered) is likely to be around million. This still makes it one of the most popular dating communities in the world.

PoF highlights being a free site however their lack of funds does mean navigating around extra advertisements for other dating services. They offer a full array of options including free messaging for the non-paying customer, with a few extra perks like being on the front page for those willing to pay.

Forget about all paid dating sites, is probably the best one, just be serious and fill all your profile and add photos that seems happy 588 attractive. there are over dates online at anytime, is it possible to say that plentyoffish do not work ?

The ideal POF profession is to throw out some vague, ambiguous, undefined, semi-playful bullshit, but combine it with other obvious markers of status. So, describe your job like you don 8767 t have one, but list your education as PhD/professional designation and look wealthy and well-traveled in your photos.

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You think I 8767 m joking. I 8767 m dead serious. As it happens, I 8767 ve been to a few places. But in my younger, less well-traveled days, I often found myself losing attraction with a certain type of girl, once I revealed that I 8767 d never been outside North America. My solution was  to 8775 borrow 8776 the travel anecdotes and experiences my good friends had told me about. I suggest you do the same.

And feel free to go ahead and experiment with even more extreme lies and report back with your results. My buddy who is 5 8767 8 lists himself as 5 8767 66 and has not been called out once. This works because:

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