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Date: 2017-05-11 11:20

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Your gut was right the first time. Why aren 8767 t you trusting it this time? Also, you say you 8767 re being paranoid. Eric I think you 8767 re being smart. What 8767 s that famous saying? 8775 Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. 8776

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You can 8767 t change or control your partner. You can only change and control what YOU do from this point forward. It 8767 s your move.

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yeah so u finally get the time to meet and see each other and for you, you feel the love bursting out all over again. yes i will have to agree with him on this one, rushing things can sometimes come with problems. so maybe hes been victimised once and does not wanna get hurt or hurt u in the process, so try to understand his point of view. all da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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fast forward 8 months later we start being honest. she still will not admit any wrong doing to cheating on me before we were married. but we have be communicating well at times. we have been talking future plans , but then she pushes back stating she has doubt about me being able to change and not falling back into the same old ruts.
I can forgive her for cheating I was not the easiest person to get along with and I was not supportive of her when she needed me. I never listened to her, shut her out. I was totally in the wrong on that. I am not excusing her errors for cheating.

But I 8767 m sitting here feeling SO GUILTY for going through his phone but that 8767 s not the worst part the horrific thing I did was TEXT AS HIM to the other woman. I told her about ME and how he loved ME. Insane.

The sad reality is that emotional infidelity is often totally hidden to the extent that you may not know if and when your partner is emotionally cheating. Because the connection is not sexually based, there are fewer opportunities to detect the infidelity. For example, when there's no need for a hotel room, it's difficult for anyone to find proof of the betrayal upon review of a credit card bill tossed in the trash.

7. On the surface what do you think? We are so happy when it is just us two in each other 8767 s company, however there seems too be a lot of arguments after we have been with others. I am a very sociable and talkative person,however I am often being brought up for giving other people too much attention.

Trust: I 8767 m sure you 8767 ve heard all the quotes about how it can take a lifetime to build and an instant to lose.

Glad you have the same problem..he doesnt need to talk as much as me so doesnt bother some days and so I feel i dont know whats going on in his life sometimes. meh.

You can 8767 t change him. He has to choose to grow and work through some of these things, just as you have to work through some of these things on your own as well. You need to establish which parts of this story are yours, and which are his then take action accordingly.

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