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Date: 2017-04-19 16:59

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We had a pleasant evening just talking and he said it felt so good to be with me again and he wanted to try to work it out and see me again soon. He hugged me for a very long time and I went home very happy. Then NOTHING!

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I've been with my BF for 6 months, last tue we had our first argument about moving in n he wants it fast n can't wait any longer, I told him lets go slow.

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I have been with this man for 7 years. We have two kids aged 5 and 6. He just wont commit. I have been clear with what I want. But he is just not on the same page. He wants me to play the wife, yet he does not want marriage, at least not for now. He still wants to hold onto his single life of going out with friends and having fun all night long. And I take care of the kids. I feel like a single parent. He does not even assist me financially with any expenses related to his kids. Not because he does not afford. He just wont do it because I can afford. When I talk about the subject, he accuses me of wanting to run away from my problems and using his as my escape goat. Now I really hate him.

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Lots of us hold on way too long hoping that the guy we 8767 re seeing will finally realize that we 8767 re perfect girlfriend material. Sometimes, it 8767 s hard to figure out whether or not this dude will ever decide to make things official. But if he 8767 s displaying these signs, there should be no doubt in your mind that he 8767 s never going to be more than just your almost-boyfriend:

This is awesome ! That 8767 s how I feel. I am monogamous with a guy, but he 8767 s told me a few times that he isn 8767 t going to be ready to date for a while. He is still coping with his recent breakup. Although he has told me a few times that he 8775 would 8776 date me or could see himself dating me, I 8767 m not sure I believe it. I figure if a good enough girl came along, he 8767 d date her even if his heart was still tender he 8767 d just work through the hard times.

This list is exactly right & I learnt the hard way! Been out with a few guys like this in the past & they really are complete arseholes who would never commit to me or any girl. Anyone criticising it is probably in denial with a man who 8767 s a commitment phobe or is a commitment phobe man themselves!

Dang, that hurts deeply. Wish him the best. Honestly, think about it this way. He didnt have what it takes to make you happy, because The RealDavis is stronger and better than ever. She wants the whole wedding cake not small slices.

maybe, he didn 8767 t want to show it around his friends or other people since your together and they are very hard to read every time.

So, here I am three years later and something just isn't clicking and I'm not sure if it will eventually click or if I'm waiting for something that will never happen. Having his family joke at the thought of him getting married doesn't help my confidence in "us." But then again his family has also told me that if he’s going to take the plunge they can see that happening with me.

I got back together with my ex. We dated for 8 years, broke up for 7 years (and dated other people) and this year we started talking again. (on his initiative).

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