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Date: 2017-03-15 23:40

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It is hoped that people like Mr Savage living in Berkshire will now get the help they need to start dating, following a successful bid for £55,555 of NHS funding.

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However, the individual with NT is going to have to understand that it will feel to them that they are the party making more accomodations.  Even if the individual with AS accepts and understands their diagnosis, the truth is that your brains are wired differently.  Interpreting non-verbal signals, the core of all communication, for example, is something that the AS individual will always have a lot of difficulty doing.

Are There Online Dating Sites For People with Autism

You will find a few people with autism / Asperger's on dating websites for "disabled" individuals, .

(Disclaimer: I have never used any of those websites.)

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Do you have Asperger's? Do you find it hard to fit in the society and socialize? If so, you're not alone! In fact, at Dating for Aspergers, that's exactly the type of men and women you'll find--people who know what it's like to live and love with Asperger's. Come be part of the community and see who is online waiting to meet you now!

aspiebeauty87 wrote: http:// I think is a good website for autistic dating. I have an account there which I forgot my user right now.

Have these websites been effective? I tried an aspie dating site a while ago (forgot the name of it) but I couldn't find anyone in my area, and I live in a big city.

My Aspie husband is also affectionate, just with his own s not big on kissing, but his hugs are the warmest, most expressive, loving hugs on the planet, I don t miss kissing at all :-)

Is this the same questionnaire I've seen in B-C's book? It definitely looks like that. (BTW, I scored 98.)
I have strong critique against B-C's gender theory thing, but at least his quizzes are accurate.

Mr Savage has Asperger's syndrome, a condition which makes it hard for him to read facial cues or understand or respond to people's emotions.

I agree with Meredith. I was put in a Behavior Box in high school, Marine Corps and college. Only now that I am diagnosed can I see what is going on. I see social behavior as a flow chart. They do this, I do that. They say this, I say that. Smile, nod, smile again.


I can definitely relate to this. My husband was astounded when he met me that I was totally unaware that just about every unmarried man at work wanted to go out with me. He couldn't believe his luck when he realised that I wasn't committed elsewhere. I had no idea that I was so popular, after all nobody had explicitly told me and I had ignored all their attempts to get to know me better due to not picking up on the social cues. I need to be told explicitly the rules and what to look for.

My son and I discuss the things to look for and how to respond hopefully, he'll find things easier than I did.

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