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Date: 2017-05-09 10:54

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I found your post from the 8775 freshly pressed 8776 selection on I 8767 m a dad of a son who 8767 s about to hit puberty and we 8767 re bracing for that. Reading this really put things into perspective as how much different puberty can be for girls, and seems like it 8767 s especially difficult for girls who are on the Autistic spectrum,. Thank you.

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I would agree that there are plenty of good points, and those need to be recognized too but I feel too few people recognize and deal with the problems. It 8767 s like if you criticize someone 8767 s kid, or other family members. They 8767 ll often just come to their defense, instead of acknowledging the legitimacy of the criticism. Celebrate the good, fix the bad. It 8767 s the only way forward.

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Ultimately though, guns have nothing to do with it. Guns are the weapons of the age. Keep them around, some crazy, maladjusted asshole will murder people with them. Take them away, that same asshole will just do the same thing with a bat, or blade. The only real difference is that I may one day have to defend myself by jamming a butter knife in some guy 8767 s eye socket, as opposed to just shooting him in the chest. Either way, though the second option is much safer for me, and less trouble. Hence my preference.

It seems like if we know some basic rules of flirting, it should be easy to spot, but I never know if someone is flirting or just being casually nice. I started wearing my wedding band again about a year ago and noticed that the need to discern between the two has dropped significantly, so maybe most of it was flirting after all. 😀

Hey Eytan! I appreciate this article, as I think that we (as in North Americans) need to constantly reflect on what we can do better.

Do you have an update? I ve been married to my ASH for 67 years. I relate to your story exactly. My husband also likes to gamble in Vegas and leaves me watching cable in the hotel basically for the entire vacation.

You hit every point exactly. I always say we are the cause to our own problems and then we are in denial why our country is not progressing. We have to look within to make this country change, or it never will.

Thanks for this well written piece. Hope your country overcomes it all.
Just like our country, yes. The list of our embarassments might be even longer.

Now I use alcohol-based body spritz directly on my underarms. Fewer chemical nasties than anti-perspirants, and it kills the bacteria that cause odour. I plan to start making my own from essential oils and vodka once the nearby shop starts selling vanilla oil.