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Date: 2017-03-16 01:08

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The words really don&rsquo t matter as much as the practice. Call re-using content &ldquo shilibowing&rdquo if you want. Just do it more often.

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Typically this means taking a blog post and republishing it on, say, Medium and LinkedIn. And maybe to Business 7 Community or other sites appropriate for your niche.

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To stay competitive, we all need to get more results out of everything. Out of the same amount of budget. The same amount of time. The same amount of energy.

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Caption: Republishing older posts can save you a huge amount of content creation time &ndash and nearly double the number of leads you&rsquo ll get.

Caption: Many marketers use the terms &ldquo republish&rdquo , &ldquo repurpose&rdquo , and &ldquo refurbish&rdquo interchangeably.

First, there&rsquo s the content quality problem. Your content has to be good, or it won&rsquo t work. And by &ldquo work&rdquo , I mean attract and retain an audience.

This makes it easier to maintain your brand voice, and lets you shape the content in it&rsquo s original form. That usually means it&rsquo ll be better aligned with your overall marketing strategy. And it frees up your team&rsquo s precious time to do the stuff that only they can do.

Got any content pieces that are more than a year old? Are they performing well - like in the top 75% of your content? If so, consider republishing them, almost as if they were new.

But you could also republish a video that was hosted on your site to YouTube, and to Vimeo and Wistia, too. (Just publish it on your site first, so Google gives credit where credit is due.)

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