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So, i like this guy and he is in my 5th period class (science) he used to sit next to me and we would play a lot, like make each other laugh. He would make it fun most of the time xD. His best friend told me that he liked me, but i wasnt sure. Now we sit apart from each other. He looks at me when he thinks i dont notice, i notice. I smile to myself and point the middle finger at him. He turns right around. On Monday i had new shoes and i put my hair into 7 french braids. He was playing with a handball, he turned around and stared at me like if i was the most beautiful thing ever. I noticed him by the side of my eye. Does he like me?

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Go after him!!!! He 8767 s obviously into you and he probably LOVES to make you jealous by cuddling with those other girls!

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Touching someone else and being touched is a super important way of gauging how interested and how intimate he wants to be with you – and a great way to figure out how he feels is to watch how he reacts to touching you and being touched by you.

Hi, I 8767 m in middle school, the eighth grade to be exact, and I just moved to Old Lyme this summer. I haven 8767 t realized it until just now, but I kind-of like another kid in my school and I think that he likes me back. But I 8767 m not 655% sure He doesn 8767 t seem to follow any signs that are listed above but he does find any way to either 8775 bump into me 8776 or to help me Does that show anything? I just really hope that if he does like me then he will ask me either at the 8th grade formal or before we graduate because we won 8767 t be going to the same high school PLEASE HELP!!!

This friend of mine that I 8767 m into doesn 8767 t show any signs that he 8767 s Interested in me except for when I laugh, he makes this really strong eye contact with me and then starts laughing along. And he does look at me from time to time but only when we 8767 re with our usual close friends and not in class. He 8767 d never touched me before. He doesn 8767 t show much body language either. But what confuses me is that his eye contact game with me is strong and he will look at me first when he had done cracking a joke, as if waiting for me to laugh. I am so confused. I really like him but he 8767 s so difficult to read.

Hey I m sneha I mate a guy in my frnd circle he Is cute looking I strtd liking him bt he says tht he as gf in usual tlks bt he never behaves as he hve gf nd he dedicates most of his time to me nd even he dnt hve any taggs in any social media of tht grl nd even he dnt hve any pics of tht grl in mobile he just wants a reason to meet me nd spend time with me I m his frst priority he stares me even I refuse to do eye contct I just want to knw does he really hve gf

He sounds like a good guy perhaps he 8767 s not aware of how you are reallying feeling. Let him know
that you 8767 re hurt that he 8767 s spends more time with his friends and career than you. Tell him to 8766 Put himself in your place 8767 8776 how would he feel it things were reverse? 8776

5. He Acts Nervous
Some guys are experts at hiding this. But if you detect a slight wobble in his voice when he talks to you, it’s likely he’s harboring a crush. He may even act uncharacteristically awkward when you’re around, so try to gauge how he behaves when in a larger group setting as well to compare.

I really like this guy named Josh but I 8767 ve only been at this school for about a month and the year is almost over. I 8767 m a freshman and he is a junior. He 8767 s always looking at me and we text a lot, I doubt he likes me because he 8767 s a blonde headed brown eyed guy with a 6 pack and some muscles. I 8767 m a brown headed blue eyed chunky girl. I don 8767 t think I have a chance what should I do?

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