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They 8767 d be better off being raised in zoos. Monkeys take better care of each other have more common sense and empathy than these Apes.

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If people become defensive or hesitant, something is up. Guy number 6, put it out there with his questions. If someone asked me if I thought people could change, it would send off the alarm bells!! The second one should have come clean with his age, he knew it would be an issue.

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It 8767 s your job to do the discovery work and you have to prepare yourself that sometimes you 8767 ll make discoveries that mean you have to opt out. Yeah it 8767 s a pain in the arse, but it 8767 s better than the pain that comes with detracting from yourself or pursuing something past its sell by date.

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I also like the comment about a date feeling like 8775 do or die 8776 and being aware that it is a sign to be honest about your own feelings. I think having these honest moments with myself earlier on would have saved me from being so 8775 stuck 8776 when it all ended.

Thank you everyone for your comments! I agree with all of you, and it is an interesting different perspective. We shouldn 8767 t feel afraid to ask questions because someone might not like us! I am quite sure these men are not filtering everything they say and do to not offend us, and we still like them even when they do make mistakes in their questions or behaviors. We need to cut ourselves more slack.

It 8767 s important to keep in mind (i will be doing so from here on in) that just because a guy says something (which is usually to butter us up) it doesn 8767 t mean he actually means it.

Normal people (which I hope I am) are simply lacking experience, because they don 8767 t spend all their lives messing with other people 8767 s brains like narcs do. Plus, normal people are too decent to imagine all the bad things a narc is willing to do.

We only worry about telling people things that we fear being judged about because you would judge someone else for the same thing. How you choose to handle telling partners about your past will be governed largely by how healthily engaged and honest you are I write about my past and the boyf is well aware of it. He knew not long after we got together that I 8767 d been involved with the guy with the girlfriend. It wasn 8767 t an issue because aside from recognising my mistakes, I had grown out of them and demonstrated this and continue to. This is one of the reasons why I keep saying to people not to date until you have grown *enough* that you are in a healthy, positive place and can own you, with the good, bad, and in between.

I x7569 m not sure I buy this x7568 how would his (lucky, lucky) girlfriend feel if she heard him saying, outright, that he hadn x7569 t been too fussed about her when they got together, and that they x7569 re only together now because of her tenacity?

Thanks Grace I 8767 ll make sure my actions are consistent with being honest, open, trustworthy, reliable, and consistent. Since I 8767 m not on the dating circuit, I 8767 ll have time to make sure that my actions are consistent with my words before I pollute the dating pool with another EUW.

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