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&ldquo She has an intuitive insight into Autism Spectrum Conditions and compassion for the experiences of her clients. As much as she has been able to &lsquo unlock the potential&rsquo of her own autistic characteristics, she is now able to &lsquo unlock the potential&rsquo of her clients. She is my hero and a valued and appreciated colleague.&rdquo From the forward by Prof Tony Attwood.

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Unfortunately, his self-consciousness is unfounded, as he clearly has strengths he should be enormously proud of. 8775 Wrong 8776 is not the word I choose to use to describe Asperger 8767 s, especially when the syndrome typically comes with compensatory/attendant gifts. Most likely, his strengths are a component of his Asperger 8767 s, if indeed he resides on the spectrum. My advice would be to approach the conversation from that angle, rather than viewing it as a disease.

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You can 8767 t go to restaurants. You can 8767 t go to the grocery store. You can 8767 t go to the movies. You are afraid to go to family functions. You 8767 re actually afraid to go anywhere. You get constant phone calls from the school because he is labeled as a 8775 problem child. 8776 That has been my son all of his life.

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Hello. Anonymous, sit down and watch Adam with your friend. I m pretty sure he s gonna pick up on that as he sounds witty.

I am a male and I m autistic myself and my case is pretty bad. Trying to be sociable is so bad for me I have already developed gastritis, colitis, carpal tunnel and chronic neck pain, and I ve just turned 79. Because of how I was raised, I ve learned that I should always be nice to people, even if that meant being emotionally hurt and abused.
Now I m paying the price and psychoanalisis, psychology, psychiatry, none of those can help me. I don t know what else to turn to. I m running out of options.

I feel so lost and sad. How am I gonna make it?

We meet each month at Teaism at Penn Quarter  at the corner of 8th &  D Streets, NW, near the Archives/Navy Memorial Metrorail Station (Yellow and Green Lines) in downtown Washington.  You can find our next meeting date and time on our Web site.  We always meet at Teaism at Penn Quarter , located at the northwest corner of 8th & D Streets, NW in downtown Washington.

The problem was that there weren 8767 t very many books on Asperger 8767 s Syndrome. There were zillions of books on weight loss, gardening, cooking, and living with other health problems but there were no books on how to cope with someone who has Asperger 8767 s Syndrome.

Hi Tony. I think you re really insightful - I hope it helps your partner to know that it s not about him. you know that 95% of my clients have ADD? They re smart enough to get by anyway, so most have never been diagnosed. Those who address is pharmaceutically or otherwise seem to improve.

Excellent excellent question. Remember that this blog focuses on the needs of adult on the spectrum. I wonder if there might be a way for you to talk with your children about both ways of communicating, one being more natural and one being more typical. Social skills are great - just not in lieu of self understanding.

This is sooo very disturbing. I had my daughter in therapy since she was 6. Six years old. Her therapist of 8 years did NOT diagnose her correct. My daughter now is 79. What do I do? disturbed and torn mother

Rachael Lee Harris spent her early childhood locked in an Autistic fog. Then began a journey from her fragmented world to her Autistic Awakening. Rachael&rsquo s determination to take her place in society caused her to rush in where angels fear to tread - beauty therapist, Carmelite nun, mother, divorcee, happily married wife, and the realization of her calling as a psychotherapist specializing in helping others on the Autism Spectrum.

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