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Date: 2017-05-11 04:47

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I ran a search on Christian Mingle with the only search criteria that someone have a graduate degree. The search was for within one thousand miles of my city (in the east). Not a single hit. It 8767 s not that a graduate degree is important, it was simply a criteria to search by and get a sense of the population on the site.

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Am I picky? Yeah.
Have I dated folks that didn 8767 t fit my ideals? Absolutely.
Has it worked out? Obviously not, since I am on those sites.

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If you are really interested in a person weight would not matter. eventually she will loose wt if she is buzy dating you. go figure!

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I used this site for 6 year and it was a joke. About 95% of the matches that were sent to me were not even close to my profile. They were way too young or were heavy smokers, drinkers, all of which were way out of line of my profile as I was looking for someone more mature and a non-drinker, non-smoker. I have previously been down the drinker route and have extreme allergies to cigarette smoke, so why in the world would I want to subject myself to either of those vices again.
Also, I am in my mid to late 55 8767 s so again, why would I want someone in their 75 8767 s or 85 8767 s?

I learned a lot while dating online. I 8767 m definitely not an expert!  I 8767 m only speaking from my experience. At 58, I never dreamed I 8767 d be blessed to meet so many amazing Christian men. I know there are a lot of creeps out there,(men and women) but there are also alot of wonderful men/ women who just want to find someone to fall in love with.

OKCupid is by far my favorite. The women on OKCupid typically write much more in their profiles, giving me a better taste of their personality and what they 8767 re about. OKCupid also has extensive, insightful questions (I 8767 ve seen people answer as many as 7555, though most people answer 655-855) about your values, lifestyle, and viewpoints, helping greatly in determining if this is a person you 8767 d like to pursue. And with OKCupid 8767 s match algorithms and filters, I can pretty much set it so that the only people who show up in my search results are Christians. Plus it 8767 s totally free! Always. You can send and receive messages without paying.

Im not too sure if i believe in dating online ive seen too many people get messed over on the show catfish. I know God has someone for me and he 8767 ll bring him along at the right time. Im married but my husband doesnt love me anymore he says he knows im a great wife but he just struggles with things mentally and just wants to move on. It breaks my heart but i know God will send me a good man that truly loves and appreciates me.

Dave I am sorry you had no responses. To be honest I wish I had none. I got scammed by a man on Christian Mingle that used my love of Christ as a tool and wove an amazing tale and took me on an emotional journey. As a business person I think I was given all sorts of hits with thoughts of riches. I now have put my fate in Gods hands and not in online dating.

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Going to a bar does not mean you will get drunk, or that you must be a sinner. Jesus went to places of 8775 ill repute 8776 ! We are told to go into ALL the world and bring the gospel not just to the 8775 nice 8776 places. These same heathen places are the very places that need to receive the light. While we are bringing the light into the dark places we may well meet our mate. We certainly won 8767 t find him/her while we hide in our homes!!!

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