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Date: 2017-03-15 18:00

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It 8767 s been a long, hard road in so many aspects to gain some knowledge of my true self, develop self-esteem and a clear understanding of what happened to me. The most important thing I embraced was none of it was my fault. But, that took awhile.

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Love this post! I have a 65 year old daughter that is not into gifts, but really into experiences and quality time. I 8767 ve already done several of the things on your list with her took her to NYC this August for 8 days and did back to school shopping for high school , that was a BIG hit!
But you 8767 ve inspired me to make her a coupon book for her Christmas stocking this year. Full of fun experiences we can have together that she can redeem through the year.
Thanks for the inspiration!

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You are wrong and do not have the science. Neither does Steven Crowder who did not destroy any argument. The MT vs JT decision decided 96 years ago from today stands firmly.

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I asked her what she was going to do in the future should I move somewhere far away or get my own family, etc. She was like 8775 Of course! 8776 and I could practically hear the 8775 you 8767 ll help me anyway 8776 .

Of course, I prayed for each of your siblings, for their respective growth in their current station in life. And of course for me and Daddy. For all of our many personal needs and wants.

But this time I was there not for myself, only for you. To pray that you be blessed with all the joys and goodness that life can offer.

I am so thankful for all the honest, soul baring, horrific, terrible, hopeful, comments. I have been able to look at my situation and not feel the old bewilderment, shame, aloneness. My mental state is clearer, and i haven 8767 t been denying how i feel, or minimizing my tragic circumstances. Thank you Darlene and everyone!

I confronted each of my husbands four sisters. Each of them refused to discuss any of their actions .but in a gesture that I should forever feel grateful (NOT), I was asked to let go of any ill feeling with a blanket apology. They told me that they didn 8767 t feel it did any of us any good to discuss the past. I have repeatedly said no it does not work for me. I need to discuss how you hurt me.

When I was 7, my grandmother woke up one night while my grandfather was molesting me. My grandmother told my grandfather to leave me be. The next day, my grandfather told me a little 7 year old..that he no longer loved me. He told me that he just loved my brothers.

When are people going to learn that you can 8767 t challenge the police in the streets, and win. The incident was recorded. There was no need to escalate the situation by being belligerent.

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