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Date: 2017-03-15 17:07

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Likewise, you'll also seem more attractive to other users. No one wants to connect with a blank void. Plus, the search tool on OkCupid, like all search tools, favors those with more information than those without. How are you supposed to show up in someone's search results if you haven’t written anything down?

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During the regular weekday, most users probably aren’t logged in to OkCupid because they’re at work. Evenings after work but before bedtime are when you'll see the most users online. As for the best times for a hookup, between 9 . and 67 . on Fridays and Saturdays are probably the timeframe you'll want to get on to get it on.

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Ideally this section will have two components. Whichever you feel is more important, put first. I have no preference for order. Since we see ourselves all the time, this section can be especially difficult. When in doubt, ask a friend, coworker, or stranger. Just don't get in their van. Try not to ask a family member, as they see you all the time, too.

You can block them though if you have a message. Then I think blocked means they can still try to send messages but they wont actually go through to you.

“I think it’s worse to be super-generic than it is to leave something blank,” Lisa says (although, she did get on my case about leaving five sections empty). While it’s a pain to actually think about what you want to represent you in each section (what do I spend most of my Fridays doing? Does "Sleeping" sound lame?), look for something specific that could spark a conversation. “You want something for them to latch onto,” Lisa says. “Another way to think about OKCupid is to think about the most enviable parts of your life, like you’re at your 65-year reunion. Play up the stuff that you know might not be glamorous but for the rest of the world is really interesting.”

In seven days of being live, the profiles delivered a fuller picture of the differences between the experiences of straight women and men on the service:

Other rules? Give people something to talk about find photos of you doing something active like horseback riding, hiking, or dancing. “Use one where you’re doing something, to show you’re into things, that you do things other than stand and have people take a photo of you,” Lisa says. Since I didn’t really have any active photos, Lisa opted for an artsy one instead.

The self-summary is, in my opinion, the most important part of your profile aside from any rapid deal breakers (no physical attraction, kid disagreement, or age gap, for instance). This is the first thing people see, and you only have your audience's attention for so long. Additionally, this is the part that people see in their quiver matches. It's a hook. Make them want to read more with a strong start. So, how does one go about talking about one's self?

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